Unbeknown to the different group Pappa Doc was watching everything on a CCTV inside his Warroom aboard his train that was currently leaving a tunnel near Bakersfield, Ca.

Pappa had droppped off Deyhra, David, Mr Tucker and the Priest Luca to see what was going on with farms, animals in the area. The New bread basket of the U.S. was in California and Pappa Doc wasn’t going to let anyone get this resource without a fight.

Pappa’s hand weight heavy as he sat is his chair as if he could do much to change the situation.

“ You damn old fool... you had to do it your way” he whispter to himself.

“ Chief?” an Airman asked

“ Nothing... er...Eagle eye 341 continue to track living assets for pick up, Eagle eye 243 track those two lost sheep and just play tag, Eagle eye 142 follow Confeds + package until “Bingo is reached”. “

“ Unit Sho appears damaged, arm maybe.. Unit Jaffa232 left a surprise to harass the tactical withdraw of the enemy, Chief “ Airman Bates reported

grabbing his mike “ Medical section, CIC “

“ CIC, Medical, go ahead” a voice replied

“ Medical, prep for casulties and when Lydia comes aboard make sure that she is seen last if possible without raising suspension, over “

“ Lima Charile, chief Medical out” responded the voice

“ Ordinance section, CIC”

“ Ready five, chief... where you want us?”

Pappa smiled, realising that this section cuts to the chase “ hot refill for Jaffa232 and his crew, give them new, cleaned weapons if they want it, I don’t care how much they ask for just hand it over, copy?”

“ Crystal, over” Ammo replied

“CIC, out”

Time passed...

    • Rally Point**

In the near hours of the morning dawn, the ground began to shake as the armoured train continued down the tracks as the lead chase F350 truck had already passed by and positioned itself ahead of the rally point to provide a buffer from the unknown.

The armored beast slowed to a halt and several loud screeches belched from its underside as several pairs of 96Rs jumped off the train to deploy electronic ears for both the living and the dead.

Red flares marked areas to gather the women and children as the medical section doors opened wide and a hydraulic lift was lowered to the ground.

Ordinance section was ready, its outer bay door open and ready for business .